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***Rooms are all located in the Research Institutes Building

Principal Investigator

Name Room*** Phone* Email**
HM picture
Hirohiko Masunaga
625 5413 masunaga@isee

Postdoctoral Researchers

Name Room*** Phone* Email**
Fumie Akimoto Furuzawa 623 5467 akimoto@isee
Yoshiki Fukutomi 626 5468 fukutomi@isee

Research Coordinator

Name Room*** Phone* Email**
Tomoko Tanaka 623 3497 ttanaka@isee

M.S. Students

Name Room*** Phone* Email**
Toshiki Kadoya 626 5468 kadoya@satellite.isee
Yumeka Suhara 626 5468 suhara@satellite.isee

Ph.D. Students

Name Room*** Phone* Email**
Yukari Sumi 626 5468 sumi@satellite.isee
Andung Bayu Sekaranom 626 5468 -

Former Members

Name Present Affiliation
Masafumi Hirose Meijo University
Hiroki Ichikawa (private company)
Muhammad Rezza Ferdiansyah BMKG (Indonesia)
Hiromasa Shimizu (private company)
Kaya Kanemaru AORI, University of Tokyo
Koichi Toyoshima Chiba University
Takao Suzuki (private company)
Atsushi Yanase (private company)

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